Over years, our teeth discolor due to coffee, tea and smoking,
amongst other things. Whitening helps teeth recover their original
shade. Here is how it works: after protecting the gums, a hydrogen
peroxide gel is applied on the teeth and activated by a UV light.
A significant improvement in the shade of the teeth is achieved in
a short period of time – this is one of the major advantages
of an in office whitening. Note: Antibiotic intake as a child may
permanently darken teeth, giving them a grey aspect, which
rarely reacts to whitening.
This is a procedure to remove supra and sub-gingival tartar from
tooth surfaces. This treatment helps prevent the gum and bone
recession caused by bacteria found in tartar. The dental hygienist
will first remove the tartar with curettes and an ultrasound then
polish the teeth.
This procedure is used to protect children’s teeth from cavities.
A sealant is applied on the tooth's chewing surface, which is the
most vulnerable to decay. It is absolutely painless and seals the
chewing surfaces without altering the tooth’s enamel or dentin.
The sealants must be applied before there are any signs of cavities.
Consist in applying a concentrated fluoride gel, or varnish, on teeth
surfaces to make them more resistant to decay.
Hélène Mischol / Dental hygienist
Teeth whitening / Tartar removal / Fluoride treatment / Sealants

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